We provide COVID-19 cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing services to your home and office. We serve Farmington & Farmington Hills, Novi, Northville, and West Bloomfield. Appointments can be booked and managed online.

with use Performacide solution (listed under EPA N List reg. no. 87508-3). Performacide applications include hospital, ambulance, blood bank, clinic, medical equipment, nursing home, pharmacy, sick rooms, veterinary office, waiting room, airplanes, buses, trains, boats, health club, laundromat, schools & restaurants

Residue-free, reduce waste, and naturally dissipates.

Our disinfectant is 2.6 times more powerful than bleach

15 days of 100PPM active CIO2 then slowly dissipates.

Clean crisp scent, no lingering chemical smell. Safe around people & pets

Leaves no harmful residue

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

We also Dry-steam your house with the EV 3000i an innovative and high-tech, eco cleaning system. It is a result of longtime experience and extensive technological research.

The EV 3000i was created as a perfect device and is equipped with professional accessories. The technology allows us to clean your house with the power of dry steam. The secret is the combination of dry steam, pressure, and high temperature. All we need is tap water to clean your home and business.

Using dry steam is one of the most efficient ways to remove stubborn dirt and stains in seconds, without physical efforts, scrubbing and damaging the surfaces.

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