A dry-steam cleaner is a good solution for cleaning and disinfecting different areas within your house or office. Steam can kill 99.9 percent of dust mites, germs, and bacteria including such dangerous germs as salmonella, staph bacteria, and E. coli. Steam cleaners also remove dirt and stains from carpet, upholstery, drapes, and other fabrics.

Mrs. Broom is proud to use the dry-steam cleaner, EV 3000i. The EV 3000i solely uses water (steam) to disinfect surfaces. The steam cleaner doesn’t require any chemicals and is 100% eco-friendly. The EV 3000i is a great investment for pets, children, and people of all ages and can even help prevent harmful bacteria and diseases. It can also help with allergies and for those who have weak immune systems. Overall, the EV 3000i is a great investment, which is why we, at Mrs. Broom, are fortunate to be one of the cleaning services in Michigan to use it.

Trusted by Airlines to clean and sanitize their planes. Shouldn't you want this machine when it comes to your own house being cleaned and sanitized!?

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